After considerable experience in this field, I founded the Dorotea Biscuit Factory in 2005. Right away I realized that the way forward was the pursuit of quality. I was conscious of the fact that even a small shop could compete in international markets by offering a product of Italian excellence. Today the results have proven me to be correct. We are increasingly present on the market and our aim is to please demanding customers who are not satisfied with commercial biscuits or with what they eat. Customers who want a moment of pleasure for themselves and their friends. This is a source of pride not only for myself but also for my co-workers and it gives us the motivation to obtain the utmost and maintain that unique Italian craftsmanship.

Maurizio Massaro


To make an excellent product one must start from excellent raw materials and this takes a lot of effort and a lot of meticulousness. We are constantly looking for the best ingredients that the Italian land can give us and we rely only on suppliers that provide uncompromising quality control. Every Italian region has its own vocation with regard to raw materials; apricots, apples, cherries and all the fruit we use in our fillings comes from its respective origins of excellence. We only choose butter made ​​from cream, fresh eggs from cage-free hens and selected flour.
Thorough checks are carried out on all our ingredients and we use the simplest recipes possible so as to guarantee the utmost food safety during both processing and storage.
Our stock is always low because we only use fresh ingredients. We buy raw materials weekly and produce our cookies based on direct customer orders so as to always provide fresh products.


The Dorotea Biscuit Factory is and always will be an artisan company. We only use technology to be more productive, but we will never alter our homemade recipes to suit machinery. We focus our energies only on quality and this will enable us to grow and let people know about our delicious cookies around the world. Today, we have the pleasure of introducing our biscuits to the best gourmet food shops and food halls in Europe. In the near future we aim to win over new markets because we know that there will always be people who are cautious of the food they eat; its quality and simplicity. We put a lot of care in our packaging. Our boxes are beautiful and elegant, not so much for buying as gifts, but to be bought by those who love to be surrounded by beautiful, and good, things.




I biscotti artigianali Italiani Dorotea: biscotti ripieni di gustose confetture all'albicocca, all'arancia, al mirtillo e altri deliziosi gusti. Tutti i biscotti Dorotea, sia i Dolcetti che le Ciambelline nascono da ricette semplici e gustose e da una base di friabile frolla.

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Il Blog del biscottificio Dorotea, notizie, eventi, fiere, ricette e curiosità dal mondo della gastronomia.

9 Apr 2014
27 Mar 2014


Il biscottificio Dorotea parteciperà al CIBUS, l'importante fiera enogastronomica che si terrà a Parma dal 5 all'8 Maggio 2014. Le eccellenze italiane incontrano il mondo distributivo, nazionale ed estero – Ad un anno da Expo 2015, la food business community internazionale si dà appuntamento a Parma dal 5 all’8 maggio. (Parma, 4 marzo 2014) – La 17° edizione di Cibus avrà caratteristiche nuove trasformando il tradizionale Salone Internazionale in una fiera multicanale, aperta a tutta




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